Weathify - Weather App UX Design 
Most weather applications for mobile are overwhelming for the users and often make it difficult to look for the desired information. This weather app uses the UX principle of visual hierarchy to display various weather parameters for the user's location. The main goal of this UX design project is to reduce the number of clicks/steps involved to view the desired weather info. in the quickest way possible for the user. 
The user can customize the content being displayed based on their requirements for eg. some users prefer to see the visibility distance as they plan to drive to work every morning, so they wish to see this information before everything else when they open the app. Features like changing units, location selection, weather graphs, and accessing user profiles are just one-click from the home screen. 
The app also changes the background color based on the current weather from a set of color palettes while maintaining the font and icon visibility. 
During the design process, the user persona was defined based on user research, and an information architecture for the app was also illustrated. For visual design, a small-scale design system was created to use throughout the application. A color palette for different weather conditions, font family, and icons were also selected as a part of the design process. 
The final prototype was sent to a group of 5 potential users for feedback and further iteration. 
Please refer to the below case study for a detailed process, wireframes, and final prototypes.
Project Duration: 4 weeks
Team size: 1 person
Tools used: Figma, Miro
Project Files and Resources
Figma Project: Please send me a request to access the entire project and clickable prototype jumdeatharva@gmail.com
Case Study

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